Cuba is known for one prominent product and yes, it is a Cigar, and these wonderful hand made creations are becoming quite popular in Pakistan too, with celebrities and top class politicians choosing to smoke Cigars instead of Cigarettes, as Cigars are classy and have a sense of charisma around them. Initially only the wealthy smoked Cigars, in high class  parties but now with the increase of disposable incomes among the regular corporate party goer, there is huge up trend in the consumption of Cuban Cigars among these neo rich corporate hot shots. Cigars are now seen in wedding parties, bar be cue gatherings and in discotheques. So the market for Cuban Cigars in Pakistan is heading for growth and experts say that it will continue to do so keeping the rising income levels among people coupled with more and more people imbibing the night life culture.

There are many suppliers of authentic Cuban Cigars in Pakistan, and Cigar Shop is the premier supplier to Cigar lovers across Pakistan, they even have an online shopping portal called where you can place an order for a Cigar and it will be delivered to your doorstep.  have a state of the art faclitiy in the whitefield region of Islamabad where the Cigars are kept in temperature controlled Humidors, and their collection is the largest in Pakistan. With over 15 years of experience in delivering Cigars in Pakistan, they have a loyal customer base which spans across Pakistan and even some neighbouring countries. 

I had the privilidge of visiting their smoking room and the experience was truly memorable, I have seen smoking rooms in London in the past but to have a smoking room in Pakistan, was truly a proud moment for me, I really thank the guys at for their wonderful service to the Cigar smokers in Pakistan only to thank them for their exceptional service in the Cigar domain, I believe that Cigars are an artform and are the torch bearers of this artform.

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